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At RENOLIT, a German company founded in Worms in 1946, we have been developing and producing plastic solutions for industries as diverse as health, construction, automotive or home decoration for more than 75 years.

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The products that you will find here correspond to the Swimming Pools business division.

We are manufacturers of high-quality surfaces for swimming pool installations, with functional and aesthetic finishes of high architectural design value. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN pool products it’s a tried- and-true brand that support pool distributors and pool builders around the world, with more than 2 million of pools coated with our liners and reinforced liners.

Perhaps for this reason, we are the reinforced membrane brand best valued by installers.



Models, designs and textures produced


Professionals trained in our Academy


Countries reached


Pools lined with

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN production it is located in Spain (Sant Celoni, Barcelona)

RENOLIT is renowned worldwide company thanks for its technical excellence, modern product design and cooperative service.

From Sant Celoni (Barcelona, Europe) we produce in our facilities flexible sheets of PVC for different applications: Swimming Pools, Roofcare and Civil Engineering.