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Born to be more

Your next pool will make you feel even better with the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN RELIEF Collection. Discover a wide range of colors with textures and high-demand, non-slip properties for your pool liner. Choose from among various surfaces with classic or more sophisticated colors. Cool, warm or natural shades of water. Colors with textures that give you new sensations, as well as taking care of you, so that you can enjoy your pool even more, without ever losing your footing.

No more aquaplaning

Your next pool will make you feel even more safe The non-slip feature of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN RELIEF has been certified with barefoot on wet slopes and pendulum friction tests, passing the most demanding tests of the European and International Standards DIN 51097 Level C, UNE 41901 Level 3 (Maximum) and EN16165 Level C.

Thus, the surface is not only aesthetically attractive but also it is thoroughly functional. Enjoying a swimming pool also means preventing unfortunate accidents.

Flexible. Resistant.

Its 1.8 mm thickness gives the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN RELIEF reinforced membrane great flexibility. Feel free to create the shapes you want for your pool. You will see how easily it adapts to them.

Manufactured in 25-metre, 1.65-metre-wide rolls, they enable a simple and efficient installation throughout the whole pool.