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Only for professionals in the swimming pool industry!

Become a professional installer of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN, the leading manufacturer of high quality reinforced swimming pool membranes, offers a wide range of training courses for professionals of all levels.

Unlike our competitors, the RENOLIT training sessions are not limited to merely presenting the material, but to training the professionals, to convert them into the image of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN in pools all over Europe. For this reason, we consider that training future installers is of the greatest importance.

Check the different RENOLIT Academy centers around Europe:

RENOLIT Academy centers

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) and/or Chiclana (Cádiz)

Available courses:

  • Intensive course for the Installation of Reinforced Membrane for Swimming Pools

  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Certified Installer.

Remember that to access the course, a personal interview with the Sales Manager is mandatory and it will be agreed whether the 100% of the grant is awarded a priori or whether we will wait until 31 July to analyse the student’s final purchases.



Available courses:

  • Sales and Negotiation course.

  • Installation course.

  • Installation begginers course.

  • Advance installation course.




Available courses:

  • Beginner or “getting started” level.

  • Advanced or “proficiency” level.


in RENOLIT Belgium (Oudenaarde)

Available courses:

  • NotDefined


in RENOLIT SE in Worms.

Available courses:

  • Level 1: Installation course

  • Level 2: Installation course

  • TOUCH Special traning

  • CERAMICS Special training


Professional Area

Only for Professionals in the Pool industry!


We have several training centres in Europe where you can train with us.

Download area

Technical documentation as TDS/SDS and brochures, for installers

BIM Objects

Archicad and Revit BIM Objects for your professional project.