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European Aquatics Championship - Episode 3

The project for the installation of our reinforced membrane on a Olympic pool is moving forward. On this episode you can see our technicians make a hard work to finish the pool walls.

European Aquatics Championship - Episode 2

On 2022 we made a huge reinforced membrane installation project for the European Aquatics Championship in Rome. In this second episode we face the first steps of the installation of our membrane.

Interview to Daniel Rudes

Meet Daniel Rudes, owner and pool welder from Piscinas RudySa.

European Aquatics Championship - Episode 1

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN and Fluidra joined forces to undertake an ambitious project. The aim was to install our reinforced membrane in one of the pools that would be used during the European Aquatics Championship in Rome.

How to clean the pool after winter

Spring has finally arrived ! Days start getting longer and temperatures are more pleasant. Warm weather will soon be here...