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F.A.Q. for pool owners

Resolve your doubts

In this Frequently Asked Question you can find a list of commonly asked questions by Pool Owners about the following topics.

Find also available a F.A.Q. for Professionals of the Pool industry in our Professional Area.

Questions about the order

A successful construction project is ultimately completed with our RENOLIT ALKORPLAN with an on-site installation carried out by a specialist. As we are the manufacturer of the swimming pool membrane, we don’t carry out the installations ourselves. However, we will be happy to provide you with contact details of the liner specialists in your area.

We distribute our RENOLIT ALKORPLAN swimming pool membrane exclusively through authorized wholesalers.

We distribute our products exclusively through wholesalers. If you are a swimming pool construction company interested in our products, please fill out our Contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Questions about the product

The swimming pool constructor should have samples and brochures available. If not, we’ll be happy to arrange for a sample to be sent. Just let us know which product range you are interested in. Fill in our Contact Form and we will inform you.

Questions about water treatment

Our fabric-reinforced waterproofing membranes comply with current regulations, with a maximum operating temperature of 32°C. However, proper pre-tensioning during installation allows a maximum and constant water temperature of up to 35°C. Download the Advices for conserving your RENOLIT ALKORPLAN liner in our Download Area.

You don’t have to worry about this. Obviously, there are much higher temperatures and UV radiation at the top or above the water line.

Our liner formulas are adapted to withstand these conditions.

Thus, coatings with the same formulation can also be used in Africa or South America without any problems.

As with all chlorine products, water values must also be properly controlled with saline electrolysis (producing chlorine), so that you can enjoy your pool for a long time.

We would also recommend that you clean above the areas covered by the liner which are exposed in winter using clear water and a brush after having reduced the water level. This ensures that no operational residues settle on the surface during the winter once the water level has been reduced.