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New Beetle transformed into a hot tub

Once again, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN was present at the Piscine Global Europe, the leading swimming pool and wellnes event, were we could witness the mots innovating tech related to pool lifestyle. At every swimming pool event, you can stumble upon the most curious things.
One of the things that caught our eye this year, was a project cretated by Plastica Pools. They successfully redesigned a Volks Wagen New Beetle into a Hot Tub, using our reinforced membrane: RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH Vanity to coat the interior and Elegance to cover the headrest.

The New Beetle drew in the crowds who were amazed to witness a fully functioning hot tub inside of the car! Plastica Pools made sure it wasn’t just for show as they even managed to replace the car engine with a pool filter to maintain the water in pristine condition. When the hot tub is functioning, our reinforced membranes assure complete watertightness and not one tiny drop of water is spilled.

To add a couple of stylish details to the design, Plastica Pools added various LED lightning to create an impressive ambiance on both the interior and the exterior of the car. In summary, It simply has all the elements of a luxury hot tub to fully relax in! We are grateful and proud that they chose to use our liners for this original and authentic project and we are amazed by the stunning end result.